Rotary Phase Converter

PAT. NO. 4,719,560 

The purpose of the Rotary Phase Converter device is to operate groups of 3 phase motors on 1 phase power. It has become increasingly difficult and expensive to obtain 3 phase service for small 3 phase loads. This product solves that problem.

Model RPG

This system is manufactured in 230 or 460 volts. The Rotary is designed for those applications that require high starting torques for one or more large motors or groups of small motors. Most loads will have 1 or more motors of this type. It has been our experience that Rotary converters are prone to very low starting torque. Our rotary Phase Generator over-comes this fault.

Control Components

Many of the components used in this equipment are quite different from those usually seen in Rotary converters. There is not any part used in manufacturing of this equipment that is not familiar to us. We have used every component seen in this equipment for many years in other equipment that we manufacture and they have performed flawlessly.

Quality Control

It is our absolute intention to manufacture equipment of highest quality. Every unit is operated, adjusted and loaded in our plant. It is our policy to be helpful to everyone with any problem relating to any equipment in which we build, regardless of the source of the problem.

Rotary Unit

This is not a high slip unit. The rotor is die-cast aluminum, suitable for direct-on-line start and runs at a low shaft and rotor temperature. The ball bearings are over-size, deep-groove, and double shielded at both ends. These units are TEFC with external fans of rigid polypropylene material. Frames of 248T and larger have fans of cast aluminum with cast in steel hub. This unit is rugged, high quality equipment.

Instant Reversing

It can handle motors operating at any given speed and instant reverse cycles are achieved as efficiently as on utility supplied three phase power.

Rotary Phase Generator Applications

  • Fans
  • Air and Gas Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Instant Reverse Machines (Lathes, etc.)
  • Dairy Machinery and Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Farm Duty Equipment
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Other Oilfield and Rural Applications
Rotary Phase Converter Martin Phase Converters El Campo TX
Rotary Phase Converter Martin Phase Converters El Campo TX
40 Rotary Phase Converter