Transformer Rentals

With the demand of drilling for oil and gas, comes the need for housing the company men and rig hands on location. Martin Phase Converters has come up with a solution that uses one line on the existing rig generator to power anywhere from 4-6 mobile homes on the drilling rig location, virtually eliminating the need for the extra small generators. Each of our transformers are built on a robust portable skid, with 6 - 1033/34 rig plugs, as well as separate 120V plugs for necessary equipment on site. Unlike the separate small generators to power the offices on the rigs, these transformers have zero maintenance and produce no sound, reducing cost for the whole production team.

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MPC Camp Transformer on mobile skid with hook-ups. Martin Phase Converters El Campo TX

MPC Camp Transformer on mobile skid with hook-ups.

Generator Rentals Martin Phase Converters 3 Phase Generator

One of our many 3 phase generators.

Generator Rentals

Here at MPC, we have an abundance of generators that will fit your need, whatever it may be. Anywhere from 12KW single phase, all the way up to 150KW 3 phase, we have you covered. All of our generators come on a tandem axle trailer with an auxiliary diesel fuel tank for extended running times at full load. Our engines are John Deere diesel engines, mated with Broadcrown Generators.

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